Be Your Own Boss in Sales and Marketing Jobs

Being your own boss, it does sound interesting? Well a sales career can actually give you the autonomy to make an impact, be independent and decide your pay check. India is fast rising as the corporate hub of the world and marketing is an important aspect of all companies. The opportunities in the field of marketing are abundant with so many multi nationals and domestic companies vying to dominate the market with their products and services.

The jobs available in the field of sales and marketing are marketing executives, market researchers or analysts, sales marketing manager, brand or product manager etc. One can reach the pinnacle with hard work, dedication and the enthusiasm to sell and the want to serve.

A sales or marketing professional must possess the ability to sell his ideas, tangible products, services or business to business (B2B) sales that include pharmaceuticals, health-care, insurance, manufacturing etc. Good executives sell what the customers really need. Some companies also deal in direct selling that is a marketing medium to bring products directly to consumers through demos. Rejection, disappointment and failure are a part and parcel of the field of marketing but a can do attitude helps to sail through.

As the career graph rises one can become sales manager. The sales managers job is to organise and lead his team by encouraging and setting precedents. Most managers have entire area under their command where they have to reach set targets with their teams. Once the seniority increases sales marketing managers also get involved with product development, tapping new business opportunities and developing strategies.

A Sales marketing manager must be aware of the latest trends in the field. Nowadays every company is using the medium that everybody is hooked onto i.e. the World Wide Web. The advancement of technology has opened new channels of interface with the customers.

Marketing through Internet sites, portals, blogs, search engines and the popular social networking sites is a big rage. Social media marketing can nurture relationships as well as provide quick solutions to any issue. Mobile marketing can also be a useful marketing tool but the path needs to be chosen carefully. A sales marketing manager while devising strategy should be aware of these latest fundas without forgetting the basics of the field i.e. to forge strong ties with the clients.

A career in marketing can be very rewarding and the incentives astounding based on individual performances. Although companies need qualified marketing executives with an MBA, B.Com or M.Com, yet a graduation in any stream can get you a job in marketing. However, you must possess social skills like the ability to communicate well and study intently the needs and trends of the market.