Preparing a Sales and Marketing Plan For Your Hotel?

It is time again to begin to work on your Hotel's Sales & Marketing Plan. You want to be ready and have all of the data you need to prepare an educated and usable marketing plan.

Why do you need a Marketing Plan? If plans and goals are not in place, then focus is lost and time is wasted. There needs to be concentrated efforts on selected segments that are known based upon history and in areas that will impact the hotel's revenue. Budgets need to be met. Sales Goals are to be exceeded. This will create profit for your hotel and everyone is happy. You need to know and be educated on how you are going to reach these goals.

To prepare I recommend you begin to start collecting the following tools and information that you'll need to complete your plan:

  1. Get your GRC updated and ready to review.
  2. Get your Top Transient Accounts room night production, revenue and rate at hand.
  3. Make a list of target transient accounts that you want for the property. Transient usually pays the highest rates.
  4. Print out your most recent STAR Report.
  5. Get a copy of your actuals.
  6. Complete a Competitive Analysis on the Hotels that are in your STAR Report or maybe more if they are a competitor.
  7. Jot down any Trade Shows or Events that you would like a Sales Representative to attend.
  8. What memberships do you want to be involved in? Can you get a budget for it?
  9. Are you paying for memberships that just aren't working? Why should you spend your marketing dollars there? Is there a membership that you can cancel to join another?
  10. Make a monthly chart and jot down your forecasted revenue. Where can you increase?
  11. Make a monthly chart and jot down specific actions plans to review.
  12. Give out projects to a Sales Manager, Administrator or Front Desk Personnel to get help.
  13. Meet with the General Manager or Regional VP to discuss what they are expecting out of the Marketing Plan.
  14. Get a copy of previous years Marketing Plans for refreshers and ideas.
  15. Set up Appointments and tour your competition that are on the STAR report and make sure you know who your competition is.

Marketing Plans are road maps to what you believe will increase the revenues of your hotel and how you will get there. Do not spend time on putting a bunch of action plans and ideas on it that you will never do. Think about it. Educate yourself on your market and competition. Plans should be realistic and achievable. Make it exciting and fun and then it might not sit all year on the shelf useless.